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Dog Gone Smart The Original Dirty Dog Shammy

TAKE THE DIRTY DOG SHAMMY EVERYWHERE - The Beach, The Dog Park, On Walks, Doggie Daycare, In The Car on the Go or At Home for Bath Time or Backyard Fun. Indoor or outdoor, this microfiber chenille chamois designed for dogs will dry the wettest pooch while removing and trapping splashed on mud and dirt with ease SUPER ABSORBENT and Soft Microfiber Blend Soaks Up and Holds Up To 20X MORE Water and Mud Than other Shammy Towels. Large Fibers Dry and Massage Gently as Water is Wicked Away Like a Magic Sponge While Keeping Your Dog Happy and Calm Dries Wet and Soggy Dogs 8X FASTER Than a Cotton Towel, Blow Dryer or Other Absorbing Accessories or sponges. Convenient Hand Pockets with Elastic Openings Provide Great Grip and Control When Drying Belly, Chest, and Paws of Large and Small Dogs for Complete All Over Drying Without Messy Shaking or Running Away